Church Signs and Noticeboards

BEP signs is a well-established sign maker that has specialised in manufacturing bespoke church signage for over 30 years.


We create signs that are designed to fit perfectly with your location and existing branding.


From producing single signs to managing large projects, we offer a professional, friendly service to Churches throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland, with all denominations catered for.


Contact us now to discuss your ideas and we will be happy to advise you on the best way of creating the perfect signage solution to suit your budget.


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Building and Car parking directional signs

Church Sign for Little Sisters of the Poor

Stain Glass Effect

Stain glass effect, window graphics

Stain Glass Effect

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There are many different types of signs and we can discuss this with you to find the right solutions that is best for you.

Do you need a wall sign, a sign on poles, what space is available, do you want a poster-case, is it for inside or outside?


Then comes the design, what colours do you want, what content or information. We can even add logos.


We also manufacture commemorative or honours boards; these are a lovely way to keep a record of notable people in your community.


And to help people use the space easily we specialise in dementia friendly signs to help wayfinding through your building. Whatever activities you have on this makes it so much easier for everyone to know where things are.